How to Operate a Hayward Pool Pump

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Operating a Hayward pool pump is only a matter of turning it on. However, the difficult part is making sure that all the necessary precautions are taken prior to turning on the pump. Not taking the necessary precautions prevents your pool from getting clean and can irreparably damage your Hayward pool pump.


Step 1

Ensure the hoses are securely attached. The Hayward pool pump works well because it creates a vacuum environment. Ensuring the pool hoses are securely attached prevents water from escaping and air from entering the system. Air in the system will prevent the filter from operating.

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Step 2

Check the skimmer water level. If the pool’s water level does not adequately reach the pool’s filter, it will allow air to enter into the Hayward filtration system. Once air gets into the system, the filter will not operate properly.


Step 3

Add water to the pump basket. Before turning on the filter, make sure the pump basket is filled with water. The Hayward pool filter pump has to self-prime, and it cannot prime without water. Never operate a Hayward filter without adequate water in the pump basket.

Step 4

Open the air valve. When first running the filter, open the air valve to allow any trapped air to escape. This enables the filter to create the necessary vacuum to properly clean the water. Once you see water begin to shoot out the air valve, promptly close the valve.


Step 5

Confirm that the necessary cleaning agent is in the filter. Whether you have purchased a sand or DE (diatomaceous earth) filter, you must make sure the filter has the appropriate amount of cleaning agent. A sand filter must have sand in it before its first operation, but DE can be added only when the filter is running. Therefore, if you are operating your Hayward DE filter for the first time, be sure to add the appropriate amount of DE through the skimmer for proper cleaning. Operating a DE filter without DE will damage the filtration system.


Step 6

Monitor the filter’s pressure gauge and water return flow. New filters and newly cleaned filters should have low pressure with a strong return flow. If the pressure starts to rise and the return flow diminishes, it’s time to backwash (clean) the filter and/or replace the DE.


Review the Hayward DE filter’s manual to ensure you are adding the correct amount of DE for your filter.

Hayward manufactures several pool filter models. Always refer to the owner's manual when first becoming familiar with your pool pump.

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