How to Replace Fingers on a DE Filter

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Replacement fingers

  • DE media

Keep your pool clean and clear by properly maintaining your filter and its components.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters have internal components to which the DE media attaches to and coats. The internal makings of your DE filter depend on the name and model; you will either have filter grids or filter flex tubes, which are referred to as filter fingers. It's important to inspect the filter fingers every time you clean your filter to ensure none are cracked or damaged. If the fingers are damaged, the DE media will not coat the finger, causing the filter to become ineffective in keeping the water clean. It's important to replace a broken finger immediately to ensure your water is clean and clear.


Step 1

Disconnect the power to the pool pump by unplugging it or turning the circuit breaker off. This will help you avoid electrical shock while performing maintenance on the filter.

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Step 2

Close the outlet valve on the pool pump to prevent water from entering the DE filter tank. Open the waste line on the bottom of the filter. Allow all of the water and media to drain.

Step 3

Open the filter tank by removing the cover. Remove the bolts on the top of the filter using a wrench; depending on your make and model, there will be 12 or 14. Place the bolts to the side for safekeeping.

Step 4

Lift the cover directly off the tank. You will now have access to the filter fingers. The fingers are attached to the filter cover and hang down into the filter tank. Move the filter cover to the side so you can properly work on the fingers.


Step 5

Locate the damaged fingers. Grasp the finger at the very top and turn slightly clockwise. Pull the filter finger down and remove from the cover. Discard the finger. Repeat this process for any filter fingers that need to be replaced.

Step 6

Insert the replacement fingers into place and push into the cover until it's secured in place. Once all fingers are replaced, rinse out the filter tank with a hose until the water runs out of the waste line clear. Place the cover back onto the filter tank. Replace each bolt and secure using the wrench.


Step 7

Close the waste line and open the outlet valve. The water will now fill the filter tank. Slowly add the appropriate amount of DE media for your pool size to the pool skimmer. The system is now coated and ready for use.



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