How to Substitute Powdered Coffee Creamer for Dry Milk

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring cup

  • Powdered coffee creamer

  • Wooden spoon

If you're out of dry milk when a recipe calls for it, powdered coffee creamer is a logical substitute. Its taste is similar to milk, and some people prefer it in place of dry milk when they're cooking or baking for its creamier flavor. However, remember that you'll lose nutrients like calcium and protein if you use creamer instead of milk, since most creamers don't contain vitamins and minerals. However, coffee creamer has fewer calories--about 240 per cup, compared with 635 calories of a cup of dry whole milk, according to Nutrient Facts. Creamer is also sold in a variety of flavors, which can spice up the taste of desserts.


Step 1

Determine how much dry milk your recipe calls for. For example, a cake recipe is asking for 1 cup of dry milk.

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Step 2

Pour 1 cup of powdered coffee creamer into the measuring cup.

Step 3

Add the coffee creamer to the rest of the ingredients.


Step 4

Mix the creamer into the other ingredients with the wooden spoon until thoroughly blended.

Step 5

Follow the rest of the recipe's directions as you normally would.


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