How to Attach a Laundry Sink to a Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Drill bit

  • Cordless drill

  • Level

  • Lag screws

Look near a washing machine in some homes and you'll find a laundry sink. The sink provides a means for discharging washing machine water and a place to pre-wash clothes. Depending on the type of laundry sink you purchase, it will either mount to the floor or the wall. Install a wall-mounted type if you want unrestricted access underneath the sink. However, for the wall-mounted types to work, you need sufficient support blocking in the wall behind it.


Step 1

Drill out the plastic filler panel holes on each side of the tub. The holes are located on the back of the tub skirt. Use the drill bit size indicated by your individual tub's installation instructions.

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Step 2

Insert tab (A) into the slot under the tub rim and slide the anchoring barb (B) into the hole you drilled on the tub skirt. Repeat for the other side of the tub.


Step 3

Fasten the mounting bracket to the wall at a height of 33 1/8 inches from the floor. Use 1/4-inch lag screws to mount the bracket to the wall studs or wood blocking.

Step 4

Lift up your laundry tub and lower it onto the mounting bracket. Look underneath to verify that the slot on the back of the tub fits securely over the lip of the mounting bracket.


For double laundry tubs you'll use two mounting brackets. Fasten them to the wall in the same manner as a single bracket. The distance between the two brackets should match the distance between the mounting slots on the back of your double laundry tub.


Failure to mount the bracket into wood studs or blocking will cause the laundry tub to pull out of the wall. This may not become apparent until the tub is filled with water for the first time.


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