How to Remove the Tap From a Keg

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A portable keg and tap

There are a variety of different types of keg taps commonly used to provide beer at parties and bars. Most noncask beers are served at bars with a pressure dispense tap that uses carbon dioxide to pressurize the keg and push beer up through the hose. Party kegs usually use a portable keg tap with a hand pump to push air into the keg. Regardless of the type of tap, most need to be removed for cleaning or to replace the keg.


Step 1

Turn off the carbon dioxide pressure line if your keg has one.

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Step 2

Kegs before being tapped

Firmly grasp the beer tap hose at its base on the tap and twist counterclockwise to remove it.


Step 3

There may be some leftover beer and foam in the hose

Drain excess beer or foam from the hose.

Step 4

Grab the tap handles and twist counterclockwise to completely remove the tap from the keg. It should come off fairly easily.


You can remove the hose from the tap before or after removing the tap itself. If the hose does not come off easily, try using a pair of pliers.



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