How to Repair Gold Leaf

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Things You'll Need

  • Object needing gold leaf repair

  • Gold leaf

  • Knife

  • Soft paintbrush

You can repair gold foil by reapplying a small amount.
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Gold leaf is gold that is pressed into very thin, featherweight sheets. It can be applied to objects, such as picture frames or statues, to make them look as though they are made of gold. Because gold leaf is very delicate, pieces of the gold leaf can sometimes flake or rub off of the object it has been applied to. In order to repair these imperfections, it is helpful to follow a few guidelines for repairing the gold leaf.


Step 1

Place the object in need of repair onto a flat surface.

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Step 2

Take the protective cover off of the top of the gold leaf.

Step 3

Place a butter knife onto the top corner of the gold leaf, anf gently peel the gold leaf off of the sheet.

Step 4

Lay the gold leaf piece onto the area of the object that needs to be repaired.

Step 5

Pat the gold leaf in place with a soft paintbrush, such as a watercolor brush. Use light, circular motions with the brush.

Step 6

Repeat this process until the entire damaged area is covered by the new gold leaf.


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