How to Open a Combination Key Box

Realtors use key boxes to secure empty display homes.

Key boxes are small locked containers that can attach to doors or walls and hold a key to a door or a secured cabinet. Individuals often use key boxes to provide family, friends, and service suppliers with access to a locked home, or to add an extra layer of protection for the key to a gun case. Though there are several varieties of key boxes, with several different types of locking mechanisms, combination key boxes are one of the more common types.

Scrolling Combination Locks

Step 1

Rotate the left-most number until it displays the first number of the combination code.

Step 2

Repeat for each number of the code. Rotate the second scrolling number until it displays the second number of the combination code, rotate the third number until it displays the third number of the combination code, and so on.

Step 3

Pull down firmly on the body of the key box to open it.

Button Combination Locks

Step 1

Press the "Clear" button if the model contains one.

Step 2

Press the buttons whose numbers match the combination code. Press the buttons in the same order as the code number.

Step 3

Press "Clear" if the wrong button is pressed, to restart the process.

Step 4

Release the locked latch or press the release button to open the key box.