How to Unlock a Master Dial Lock

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Master Combination Lock

The Master dial lock is the world's best selling combination padlock. It's a familiar sight on school and institutional lockers, bicycle chain and shackle locks, and gates and sheds with hasp and staple style fasteners. The lock uses a three digit combination of 40 numbers, allowing for 1500 possible variations. Opening the lock is simple and straightforward---often the most difficult task is remembering the combination. Follow these steps to unlock a Master combination padlock.


Step 1

Obtain the combination. If you don't have it, follow the link below to request it from the manufacturer. School and institutional locks sometimes have keyways as well as combinations. If so, check with your administrator or manager about opening the lock.

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Step 2

Align The Number With The Triangular Indicator

Turn the dial to the right at least three revolutions and stop on the combination's first number. The number must align with the triangular indicator at the top of the lock's body.


Step 3

Turn the dial to the left, passing the first number once. Stop at the second number.

Step 4

Turn the dial to the right again and stop on the third number.

Step 5

Pull the shackle up or pull the lock down to open the lock.

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