How to Frame a Decorative Plate

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Things You'll Need

  • Decorative plate

  • Measuring tape

  • Shadowbox frame

  • Small screwdriver

  • Self-adhesive interlocking strips

  • Scissors

Decorative plates can commemorate people, places and events. You can display a decorative plate on the wall using a wire plate hanger or on a tabletop using a wire plate stand. Another way to display a decorative plate is to frame it, and then hang the frame on the wall or place it flat on a tabletop. The frame adds another layer of protection for your collectible plate, and provides an opportunity to enhance the display with related collectibles.


Step 1

Measure the width and height of the decorative plate. Purchase a shadowbox frame that is slightly larger than the overall plate dimensions. Purchase a larger shadowbox frame if you plan to add other items to the plate display.

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Step 2

Remove the small screws holding the short end of the frame in place. Remove the wood strip. Depending on the shadowbox design, the top or the bottom of the frame is removable.


Step 3

Slide the backboard out of the shadowbox frame. Place it on a flat surface. Arrange the decorative plate in the center of the backboard. Arrange any other items intended for the display around the plate.

Step 4

Flip the plate over so that the backside is facing up. Cut three sections of self-adhesive interlocking strips that fit across the top, middle and bottom of the center, raised section of the plate.


Step 5

Remove the protective coverings from one side of each strip, and press them in place onto the plate. Purchase removable self-adhesive strips if you are concerned about the adhesive damaging the plate.

Step 6

Remove the protective cover from the side of the strip facing up. Flip the plate over, and press the adhesive side down onto the felt backboard. Stand the felt backboard upright to make sure that the plate stays in place.


Step 7

Attach other items to the backboard using the interlocking strips. You can attach fabric items with pins and lightweight items with hot glue.

Step 8

Slide the backboard back inside the shadowbox frame. Fit the wood strip back into place; reattach the screws.


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