How to Clean a Capresso Coffee Maker

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper coffee filters or Capresso's GoldTone reusable filter

  • Soft cloth

A good cup of coffee depends not only on the quality of beans, but also on the quality and method used to brew it. Capresso is a Swiss-made brand of coffee makers and accessories. Its drip coffee maker requires regular cleaning like any coffee maker to remove built-up oils and debris from the coffee grounds. However, Capresso recommends cleaning its products with a dry cloth instead of using hot water like other brands.


Step 1

Release the filter holder by pushing the manual release button, and remove the filter.

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Step 2

Take the handle of a coffee scoop to loosen any coffee in the filter holder, and wipe clean with the soft cloth. Wipe out GoldTone filters with a dry cloth; throw paper filters in the garbage.


Step 3

Remove the feeder channel cover. Wipe out the inside of the now exposed feeder channel with the dry cloth.

Step 4

Return the feeder channel cover, put the filter of your choice back into filter holder and close the filter holder securely.


For extra cleaning, run a brew cycle of one part vinegar to three parts water. Thoroughly rinse the coffeemaker by running one or two more brewing cycles of water only.


Wait until the coffeemaker is fully cooled before cleaning.


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