How to Store Pizzelle

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Things You'll Need

  • Air-tight container

  • Oven

Fold warm pizzelle around a cone shape to make ice cream cones.

Pizzelles are a traditional Italian dessert comparable to flat, crispy waffles. They are cooked in a pizzelle iron, which is like a shallow waffle iron. These irons often press festive patterns, such as snowflakes, into the pizzelles. Pizzelles are eaten flat, or folded into cone shapes that are filled with ice cream and other sweets. To store your pizzelle correctly, make sure it's kept in an air-tight container. Then warm your pizzelle in the oven to restore crispness before serving.


Step 1

Put the pizzelle in an air-tight container. If pizzelle are exposed to air they will absorb moisture and become limp.

Step 2

Store the pizzelle at room temperature for up to two weeks.

Step 3

Reheat the pizzelle in a warm oven, around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, before serving. This will restore any lost crispness. If the oven is pre-heated, the pizzelle will heat quickly. Check on the pizzelle every 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the pizzelle from the oven when it begins to brown.


There are numerous variations of pizzelle batter, including chocolate, coffee and nut flavors. Recipes are available online and in cook books.


If you want to fold your pizzelles into cones, you must do so while they're still warm and malleable.


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