How to Store Steaks

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Things You'll Need

  • Heavy duty foil

  • Resealable freezer bag

  • Label

Keep your steaks tasting fresh even after months of storage.

Steaks represent the most flavorful cut of beef. After purchasing raw steaks from your butcher or grocer, you should store them properly to avoid spoiling the meat or contaminating other foods. Properly-stored steaks will last for three to five days refrigerated or up to 12 months when frozen. Air-tight packaging is critical to maintaining the flavor of the steak in the freezer, where contact with air can cause the meat to pick up odors from the freezer and develop freezer burn. Double-wrapping the steak should not be skipped if you want your stored meat to taste as good as the day it was purchased.


Step 1

Wrap steaks tightly in heavy duty aluminum foil.

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Step 2

Place each wrapped steak into a resealable freezer bag.

Step 3

Write the cut of the steak and the date purchased on a label, and attach a label to each freezer bag for identification of the contents.

Step 4

Arrange the steaks in the bottom meat drawer or the back of the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for up to five days.

Step 5

Transfer the steaks to the coldest part of the freezer for six to 12 months if you will not eat them within three to five days.

Step 6

Thaw frozen steaks in the refrigerator overnight.


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