Hampton Motion Light Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Hampton motion light

  • Wire strippers

  • Wire nuts

  • Electrical tape

  • Philips (slot head) screwdriver

  • Silicon caulking

Add a motion light to your home's exterior for your family's security.

Adding motion lights to the exterior of your home can give you some added security. Motion sensing lights turn on when someone or something is in the the sensor's vicinity, making motion lights a great deterrent for someone lurking around. Since motion lights come on only when they are triggered, there is no need to have a porch light on all night. Motion lights are available in every home owner's price range and can be installed by anyone with some electrical experience.


Installing the Hampton Light

Step 1

Shut off the power to the light you are working on at the breaker. Test using a voltage tester to make certain there is no power going to the light fixture.

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Step 2

Remove the existing fixture. Take note of the wiring--you will wire the fixture in the same manner as the old one. There should be one white wire, one black wire, and some homes have a green wire.


Step 3

Install the new mounting bracket using Hampton's instructions and materials.

Step 4

Wire together the green wires, the white wires, followed by the back wires. Use the enclosed wire nuts for this job. If you home does not have a green wire, attach the green wire to the grounding screw.


Step 5

Use the enclosed slot-head (Phillips) screws to attach the light to the wall or ceiling.

Step 6

Run a thin bead of silicon caulk around the base of the light to prevent water from leaking behind the fixture.


Step 7

Turn the power back on, and check your Hampton light to see if it operating correctly .

Hampton Light Features

Step 1

Adjust the range of your Hampton motion light. There is a switch, usually underneath the light on the left hand side; however, each model is different. Turn the switch to adjust the radius or reach of the Hampton motion detector. You will need to adjust the range of the Hampton's sensor until you get it right for your needs.


Step 2

Operate your Hampton light's Dusk-To-Dawn feature by turning a switch or clicking a button. It will vary on different models where the switch or button is located. The Dusk-To-Dawn feature will turn on your Hampton motion light at dusk and run the light continually until dawn when it will shut off automatically. For home security operate the motion sensor feature; you will need to disable the Dusk-To-Dawn feature by turning it to the off position.


Step 3

Adjust the timer with the flick off a switch or crank of a dial. The timer feature is useful if you are using the motion sensor on your Hampton light. The timer allows you to pick a specific amount of time that you want the light to remain on. Depending on the Hampton model, the light remains on from one to 20 minutes after the sensor was triggered.



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