How to Kill Fire Ants With Urine

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Fire ants can be both an unsightly and potentially dangerous pest in your yard.

Fire ants can wreak havoc on yards while posing a health risk to humans and animals. Some methods of getting rid of fire ants are expensive and time-consuming. One home remedy that can be used is human urine, which drives fire ants away and kills them outright if applied directly. This is possibly an infinitely more cost-efficient method of warding fire ants from your property than hiring an exterminator.


Step 1

Fill a small cup, preferably a disposable plastic cup, with human urine. You may want some privacy when doing this.

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Step 2

Locate the fire ant hill. Depending on how long the fire ants have been nested in your yard, the ant hill could be quite large and easy to spot.


Step 3

Pour the urine on the ant hill, as well as on the ground adjacent to the ant hill. This drenching should drown many of the fire ants and, with two or three applications, drive the other fire ants away.


Be sure to keep your distance once you've applied the urine to avoid bites from fire ants.

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