Will Coca Cola Kill Mice?

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Consider other methods of pest removal.

When rodents and other pests enter your dwelling, it may be tempting to rely on anecdotes and evidence given by well-meaning friends or relatives. These solutions are not always effective or humane.



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It is possible to kill mice using Coca Cola or other carbonated beverages. Mice have little to no gag reflex and cannot belch or vomit.

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Using Coca Cola as a rodenticide is not recommended – the amount needed to kill a mouse varies depending on the mouse's size, age, overall health and individual digestive system. Additionally, this method is not considered humane; it takes a long time for a mouse to die from a buildup of intestinal gas.



Consider other options for clearing up your mouse infestation, including live traps. Speak to a professional exterminator if you feel you cannot safely and humanely rid your home of mice.


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