Instructions for a Sunbeam Bug Zapper SB980

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The Sunbeam SB980 Bug Zapper uses ultraviolet light to keep bugs away and zaps and kills bugs that fly towards the light. The unit can be hung or placed on a flat surface. The bug zapper is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can power the unit for up to ten hours. Once the battery dies, it needs to be recharged using the enclosed AC power adapter. The ultraviolet light bulb and rechargeable battery can not be replaced.


Step 1

Slide the power switch to the "Off" position.

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Step 2

Insert the AC power adapter into the charging outlet located on the bottom portion of the bug zapper lantern. Plug the opposite end of the power adapter into an electrical outlet. Allow the battery to charge for up to six hours. Remove the AC adapter from the lantern.


Step 3

Position the bug zapper where you want it. It can be hung using the handle or placed on a flat, even surface. Slide the power switch from the "Off" to the "On" position. When the unit is not in use or the battery dies, slide the switch back to the "Off" position.

Step 4

Slide the removable bug tray from the Sunbeam Bug Zapper for clean up after each use.



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