How to Check a Lomonosov Backstamp

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The Lomonosov porcelain factory was founded in 1744 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The products were exclusively made for the Russian ruling family of Romanov, and the Imperial Court. Production for sale only started about a hundred years later. Eventually the factory came to be known as the Imperial Porcelain Factory, or IFZ.


Figurines as well as table-ware crockery were produced by the factory. The designs were hand-painted and some were embellished with 22 carat gold. Lomonosov porcelain is exhibited in museums and is gaining popularity as a collectible.

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Step 1

Check the language used for the back stamp. Pieces that were manufactured for export will have the stamp in English. Pieces that were made for the Russian market or old pieces may have only the monogram without any wording.


Step 2

Date the piece by checking the design of the back stamp. Red LFZ monogram, words 'Made in USSR': Made before 1991 Red LFZ monogram, words 'Made in Russia': Made from 1991 to 2002 Blue LFZ monogram, words 'Hand decorated, 1744, St. Petersburg, Russia': Made after 2002 Blue double-headed imperial eagle, words 'Imperial Porcelain, 1744, St. Petersburg': Made after 2005


Step 3

Check the back stamp for a laurel wreath and the marking '1C' for older pieces. A laurel wreath can be found on special pieces, and the marking '1C' is used to denote pieces of first quality.


The color of the red monogram may vary from burgundy to red. The monogram may be dark or light.



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