How to Connect Stackable Wire Baskets

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Stackable wire baskets are useful for storing various household items such as papers or office supplies. Because they are stackable, wire baskets can easily fit in small areas and help contain clutter. Properly connecting stackable wire baskets helps protect the integrity of the baskets and ensures maximum use of the baskets.


Step 1

Select the stacking order of the wire baskets. Lay the baskets side by side and position the baskets from largest to smallest.

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Step 2

Stack the baskets. Start with the bottom basket and hook the metal pieces on the outside of the basket (one on each side) to the second basket. Repeat this process until all the baskets are stacked.


Step 3

Check the connections. Lift the stack of baskets by the top basket to demonstrate the connections are secure. Fill the baskets and place them on a flat surface.

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