How to Give Sound to an Indoor Water Fountain

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Small indoor water fountain with adjustable rocks

Part of the allure of a water fountain may be the sound the water makes as it drops down the fountain surface. How much noise a fountain makes often depends on the amount of water, how far it falls, and onto what type of surface it falls. A small fountain can be nearly soundless if the water pours over a small ledge into a pool. However, some small fountains can be quite noisy if the water falls several inches to splash on hard rocks. The level of sound sometimes can be adjusted by playing with these elements to produce exactly the level of water sounds you prefer.


Step 1

Run your new indoor fountain for an hour until you are certain it is operating correctly. Place the fountain in the center of an open room for a quieter sound. Place the fountain in a corner where the walls reflect the sound into the room for a louder volume.

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Step 2

Increase the water falling, trickling or droplet sounds by varying the adjustable water flow dial. Faster moving water often is much louder than slower water.


Step 3

Change the falling pattern of the fountain by placing diverter rocks along the ledges where the water flows. Arrange these rocks to disguise the location of the pump.

Step 4

Adjust the level of water in the fountain. An indoor fountain often has markings for low or high water levels. In a small fountain, water falling an extra half an inch significantly can change how the water sounds.


Fill indoor fountains daily with distilled water to reduce mineral build-up. Clean the fountain weekly using soft rags and natural soft-bristle brushes. Aroma drops and water treatment tablets are available for larger fountains.

Some new fountain pumps have air bubbles in their tubes that dissipate as the pump works.

Diverter rocks are sold with many fountains.



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