How to Make a Farm Pond Fountain

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Things You'll Need

  • Floating large-capacity pond fountain

  • Tubes and hoses

  • Large capacity pond pump

  • Electric cord and outlet

Make a Farm Pond Fountain

Farm ponds with still water are a haven for mosquitoes and invasive pond plants, especially if you can't support fish due to lack of oxygen in the water. Setting up a farm pond fountain can solve many of these problems, but building a fountain takes considerable effort. Regardless, a pond fountain will beautify the landscape and add to the visual and aural delights of your property.


Step 1

Determine the approximate gallon volume of the farm pond before starting the pond fountain project. Measure the greatest width by the greatest length and multiply them together. If your pond is an unusual shape, you may have to measure sections of it separately. Measure the depth of the pond by rowing out into the middle of it and dropping a weighted string to the bottom. Multiply the depth measurement by the other numbers to determine volume. Use a calculator to change the volume into gallons.

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Step 2

Purchase a pond water pump large enough to handle the capacity of your pond. It should turn over the volume of your pond water in two to three hours if your intention is filtration and complete water mixing. For use with just a fountain for looks and aeration, use a smaller pond pump. Purchase all tubes and hoses necessary to get the fountain apparatus to your desired location on the pond surface.


Step 3

Position the pond fountain pump at the edge of the pond closest to the electrical outlet and where you wish the pond fountain to be. House it in a weather-proof box and hide it with stones or plants. Direct the water flow toward the pond to make it easier to position the filter.

Step 4

Attach an intake hose to the farm pond pump and the other end to a filter mechanism. Instead of filtering the entire pond farm, this filter is designed to keep detritus and debris out of the pump. The filter can simply be attached to the hose and dropped into the water along the side of the pond. You do not want it to go too deep as it will need to be taken out and cleaned occasionally.


Step 5

Secure a long hose to the water outlet on the farm pond pump and attach the other end to the floating fountain. Some floating fountains are solar powered and do not need a pond pump to work. These will not turn over a large volume of water and are ideal if you simply want a water display and surface agitation. Release the floating fountain into the pond. It will drift into position at the end of the hose.


Step 6

Plug the farm pond pump into an electrical socket and prime it, if necessary, with water. Follow the manufacturer's directions to turn it on safely. Turn on the pump and watch your farm pond fountain come to life.


Use rigid plastic pipes instead of hose to position your floating pond fountain more precisely.


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