How to Draw a Water Splash

Drawing water can seem too complex to beginning artists, but it actually can be quite simple. You just have to break it down into doable steps. Here's how draw a splash of water.


Things You'll Need

  • Pencil and paper

  • Reference photo

Step 1

Find a good reference photo or use the one here.

Step 2

Example 1

Draw the simple outline of the splash. The inside of the splash is usually an oval. The outer walls are triangular shapes.

Step 3

Example 2

Draw the "towers" of the splash. These are rounded spurts of water that rise out of the center of the splash.

Step 4

Example 3

Add dots of water by drawing circles that get smaller and smaller as they get farther away from the center of the splash.

Step 5

Example 4

Blur the edges of the center of the splash by smudging and add ripples to indicate water around the splash. The ripples are circular marks around the splash. Add shading.


Remember, keep it simple. Do simple shapes first then move on to more complex shapes and shading.


Add rocks, plants, or other objects to help you splash "make sense." Otherwise, it may just look like a bunch of blobs.