How to Remodel a Trailer Mobile Home

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How to Remodel a Trailer Mobile Home
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Mobile home trailers age faster than conventional housing. Because of this remodeling trailers may require remodeling sooner. Older mobile home trailers become prone to various structural problems from settling and sagging. Many older trailers have insufficient insulation, form gaps in the frame between walls and windows or doorways and require updating in wiring or plumbing. Updating old floors and walls may also be warranted as the trailer ages.

Step 1

Write an inventory of needed repairs.
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Determine the extent of the remodeling needs for the trailer. Write an inventory of needed repairs. Write an inventory of wanted additions or alterations. Prioritize the lists in order of importance setting the needed repairs first and in order of the most urgent repair to least urgent. Prioritize the second inventory in order of which can be, or should be, completed first to last.

Step 2

Research the value of the trailer on the market.
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Research the value of the trailer on the market. Price the remodeling projects to determine the feasibility of the projects. The feasibility will be determined by the comparison of the trailer value against the costs of remodeling. Pare down the scale of remodeling projects if the cost is slightly over the resale value of the trailer. Re-evaluate the remodeling if the costs are significantly greater than the value or need for the trailer.

Step 3

Schedule the project lists. Create a budget for each project to determine the amount of time needed between projects to build financing. Shop local home centers for retail costs; then shop local garage sales, flea markets, classifieds and online consumer-driven sites to locate discounted items.

Step 4

Upgrade rooms such as the kitchen, bath and living room.
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Upgrade rooms such as the kitchen, bath and living room. Replace walls and ceilings with drywall. Place wood trim and crown molding over the drywall to create a finished upscale look. Replace or add insulation in walls and ceilings during remodeling; this will reduce heating costs and increase the value of the project over time.

Step 5

Replace old countertops, flooring and appliances as a cost effective method to rejuvenate kitchens and bathrooms. Build wall units into corners around the trailer to increase storage and visual appeal. Use this time to determine if any structural repairs are needed in the floor or walls.

Step 6

Replace the trailer windows and doors with regular house windows and doors. This increases the natural lighting into the trailer and makes the rooms look larger.