How Do I Remove Plastic Taste From New Supply Lines?

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Things You'll Need

  • Supply line

  • 1, 5 gallon bucket

  • Filter

Remove a plastic taste from water by flushing the water-supply lines.

A water-supply line transports water from pipes to appliances in your home, such as refrigerators, ice makers, or faucets. Supply lines can be made from metals or plastics. When you install a new supply line, the initial water flowing through it will pick up sediments and flavors from the line. If the line is plastic, the resulting water flowing through the line may taste like plastic due to particles from the plastic leeching into the water. Flushing the line will resolve the plastic taste.


Step 1

Install the supply line into the main water source according to the manufacturer's directions. Do not install the other end of the line, where it will transfer the water into the appliance or faucet.


Step 2

Place the open end of the supply line above or into a 5 gallon bucket, depending on how long the line is. Turn on the water supply to allow water to flow through the supply line.


Step 3

Allow the water to forcefully flow through the line until the 5 gallon bucket is at least halfway full. The force of the water through the supply line will push out any solid matter that may be stuck in the line, and it will remove the plastic smell and taste due to the leeching of plastic molecules.


Step 4

Attach the end of the flushed supply line to the appliance or faucet. Run the appliance or faucet normally, but disregard the first few gallons of water through the system. If the supply line is feeding water to an ice machine, do not use the first two rounds of ice that the machine makes to ensure that all of the plastic smell has left the line.


Step 5

Install a water supply line filter if you are still experiencing any plastic taste or smell in your water supply. Purchase a supply line filter from a hardware or home-improvement store and follow the manufacturer's directions for installation and use.

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