How to Replace a Sink Faucet in a Mobile Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench set

  • Slip joint pliers

  • Replacement faucet

  • Two flex water supply lines (optional)

  • Plumber's tape

Replacing a sink faucet in a mobile home is not much different from any other sink faucet. Many mobile home manufacturers use a stiff plastic line to supply water to the faucets. It is a good idea to replace these lines when replacing the faucet. The ends of the lines can crack which will leak when installing a new faucet. Take the old faucet off first, and take it to the store when purchasing the replacement. Often the distance between the faucet stems are narrower than standard faucets.


Step 1

Find the water supply cut-off valves under the sink. The valves are on each house water line coming from the wall or bottom of the cabinet. Turn the egg-shape valve handle clockwise to shut off the water to the faucet. Look at the water supply hoses from the cut-off valves to the faucet. If you have the typical plastic hose, replace both hoses with flex line hoses when replacing the faucet. Remove the compression nut connecting the plastic hoses to the cut-off valves with a wrench. Remove the hose connection where it connects to the water faucet handles threaded stems with a wrench, if you already have the flex hoses.

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Step 2

Remove the two plastic nuts securing the faucet to the sink. The nuts secure around the faucet handle threaded stems. The nuts have four notches that enable you to turn them counterclockwise by hand to remove them. If necessary, use a pair of slip joint pliers to remove the nuts.

Step 3

Go to the top of the sink and pull the faucet off the sink. If you disconnected the plastic hoses from the cut-off valves, the hoses will still be attached to the faucet. Take the faucet to the home improvement store for a replacement. The faucet handle stems must be the same distance apart on the new faucet as the old one. Pick up two flex water supply lines at the store, if replacing the plastic lines.


Step 4

Wrap plumber's tape around the threads on each of the cut-off valves, if replacing the water lines. Thread one end of the new water supply lines onto the cut-off valve until hand tight. Turn the connection another three-quarters turn with a wrench.

Step 5

Place the plastic bottom cover over the threaded faucet handle stems, and fit the cover against the bottom of the faucet body. Insert the faucet handle stems into the holes in the top of the sink until the faucet sits flush on the sink.


Step 6

Thread the securing nuts over each faucet handle stem under the sink until the nuts are hand tight. Turn each nut another half turn with a pair of slip joint pliers. Wrap plumber's tape around the threads of each faucet handle stem.

Step 7

Thread the water supply lines to the faucet handle stems. Tighten another three-quarters turn with a wrench.


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