How to Get Rid of a Sewer Smell in a Bathroom

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Things You'll Need

  • White distilled vinegar

  • Plastic bowl with a lid

  • Ice pick

Sewer smells in bathrooms can be a serious problem, not just because of the horrific smell, but also because such a smell is a good sign that there is a plumbing problem. This type of smell can be neutralized and will remain gone, but only if the precipitating problem is first repaired.


Step 1

Call a plumber to inspect for and repair any leaks, clogged pipes or drainage problems. The toilet is not the only place to check for sewage leaks. Any other systems that drain into the leech beds should be checked as well, and the sewage tank should be emptied if that has not been done in a few years. Once the cause of the problem is fixed, the smell can then be addressed.

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Step 2

Use an ice pick to poke several holes in the lid of a plastic bowl.


Step 3

Pour white distilled vinegar into the bowl. Do not dilute the vinegar.


Step 4

Put the lid on the bowl.


Step 5

Place the bowl in the bathroom on the floor.


Step 6

Replace every 24 hours until the smell is gone.


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