How to Remove a Photograph that is Stuck to a Glass Frame

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bag

  • Freezer

  • Single-edged razor

PIctures often stick to glass frames because of their coatings.

Photographs that stick to glass often prove difficult to remove. If you've ever tried to release a precious picture stuck to its frame, you may have ended up with a ruined photograph and a messy piece of glass. The reason for the sticking is the picture coating, which is typically either gelatin or plastic. Fortunately, however, there is a technique that can be successful in removing newer pictures from glass.

Step 1

Place the glass and picture in a plastic, sandwich-style bag. Leave the bag open so that moisture can escape.

Step 2

Place the bag with the frame and picture inside in your freezer. Leave the bag to chill for a day.

Step 3

Remove the picture and glass from the freezer. You should be able to lift the picture gently off of the glass. Use a single-edge razor to help you remove the picture from the glass if it is stubborn.


Scan the picture while it is in the frame before you attempt to remove it. This way, if you cannot remove the picture without causing damage, you will have a copy. Either scan the picture yourself or take it to a photo shop for a copy.

Use this technique to remove newer pictures only. Photo shops may be able to remove older, gelatin-coated pictures by submersing them in a wetting agent that can penetrate the gelatin and help it release itself from the glass.