How to Frame a Folded Map

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Maps are visually-striking decorative objects.

Maps are well-suited for display. If you have your heart set on framing a map that has creases, you can prepare the image for framing in a way that minimizes or eliminates the evidence of folds in the paper. Paper-flattening methods range from basic to elaborate, and you may need to find a professional to execute certain treatments. As long as the map is intact there is a way to prepare the paper for display, and you can have the framed map you envision, even if it was creased or folded in the past.


Step 1

Press the map under heavy objects to smooth out the creases. Lay the map on a flat, solid surface. Cover the map with heavy books. Leave the map covered for a couple of days.

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Step 2

Affix the map to a solid backing by having it professionally dry-mounted. Framers can smooth paper for framing by mounting it to matboard before assembling the frame. The process is permanent, but it will flatten the map.

Step 3

Scan the map to restore the image digitally. Print the restored version on new paper and frame. Many copy shops and photography stores perform tasks like this routinely. Restoring a graphic or illustration, like a map, is simpler than restoring a photo because there is less detail or color variance.


Step 4

Treat the paper with humidity to remove the creases. Professional paper restorers will be equipped to perform humidification. They will place the map in a chamber that holds steam while flattening the paper under rollers. Contact photo shops, framing shops and local historical groups to find a professional restorer.


Step 5

Place the treated or enhanced map in a frame behind glass that downplays the paper's previous condition. Glass that reduces glare may make flaws in the paper less noticeable.

Step 6

Hang the framed map on a wall that receives light the flatters the map's fine qualities and obscures its flaws.

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