How to Make Your Own Large Weaving Loom

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 pieces of 1-inch by 2-inch wood (2 lengths of 4-foot wood, 2 lengths of wood measuring 2 feet, 4-1/4 inches)

  • Hacksaw (optional)

  • 4 corner brackets

  • 1 pencil

  • Power drill

  • 8 to 16 1/2-inch screws

  • 52 3/4-inch screws

  • 1 large ball of thread or twine

A large loom is used to make handcrafted textiles.

Looms are devices used in weaving, one of mankind's oldest art forms. Weaving has been used to make fishing nets, baskets, rugs, clothing and many other items from prehistoric times to the modern day. People in civilizations all over the world have fashioned their own weaving looms. The loom serves as a frame to hold weaving projects, thus making it possible for almost anyone to create intricately woven designs. Learn how to make a large weaving loom and begin to create your own handmade textiles.


Step 1

Buy four pieces of sturdy lumber that are 1 inch by 2 inches thick. Choose a wood that is not too hard or too soft to work with. Oak is a good loom choice.

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Step 2

Cut the lumber using a hacksaw, creating two lengths of 4-foot wood and two that measure 2 feet, 4-1/4 inches. Rather than cutting the wood yourself, it may be possible to have the wood cut at the lumber yard or home improvement store where it was purchased.


Step 3

Create a frame by laying the longer pieces of wood on your work surface vertically and placing the two smaller pieces inside, laying them horizontally at each end of the two larger pieces.

Step 4

Place L-shaped corner brackets (available at any home improvement or hardware store) at each of the four corners of the frame. Use a pencil to mark where the bracket holes fall on the wood.


Step 5

Remove the brackets and predrill small holes into the marked areas of the loom frame using a power drill. Be careful not to drill all the way through the wood.

Step 6

Secure the brackets against the corners using 1/2-inch screws. Drill the screws into place with the power drill, one screw per hole (approximately two to four for each bracket).


Step 7

Turn the loom over so the brackets are placed up against your work space.

Step 8

Mark 26 holes across the top board of the loom, spacing each evenly (approximately 1-1/16 inches apart). Repeat the process on the bottom board.


Step 9

Predrill shallow holes on each mark, both top and bottom. Again, be careful not to drill completely through the wood.

Step 10

Drill 3/4-inch screws into each hole (52 screws and holes total). Do not drill the screws all the way in. Allow 1/4 inch of each screw to protrude from the surface of the wood.


Step 11

Create the warp for the loom using a ball of sturdy thread or twine. Tie one end of the string to the top screw that's farthest to the left. Holding the thread very tightly, wrap it around the screw once and then wrap it once around the screw directly to the right. Move the string downward, wrapping it around the corresponding screw at the bottom of the loom. Wrap the string around the screw immediately to the right of the bottom screw, then wrap it around the corresponding screw at the top. Repeat the process until the string has been woven around every single screw and you have created many small, taut lines of thread.


Step 12

Tightly tie off the end of the string once you have wrapped the last screw. You will now have your own large floor loom for various weaving projects.


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