How to Care for AirBake Cookie Sheets

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Things You'll Need

  • Sponge

  • Dish soap

  • Plastic spatula

  • Dish gloves

Dish gloves are a good way to remove grunge from AirBake cookie sheets without scratching through the finish.

AirBake cookie sheets are specially made to incorporate a cushion of air in between two sheets of aluminum. This helps to keep baking temperatures even, which combats hot spots in your oven and prevents unevenly browned cookies on your sheet. Unlike other cookie sheets, soaking them is not advisable since water can become trapped in the air channel between the layers of aluminum. Greasing these cookie sheets thoroughly or using parchment paper is therefore advisable.


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Step 1

Allow the cookie sheet to cool completely before attempting to clean it. Try to rub off any remaining pieces of food that are stuck to the cookie sheet with your fingers while wearing a dish glove. Use a plastic spatula to scrape it off if the glove does not work.

Step 2

Wet your sponge with water that is as hot as you can stand. Add a little dish soap. Clean the surface of your AirBake cookie sheets thoroughly with the soapy sponge and rinse. Do not allow it to soak at any time.


Step 3

Dry it thoroughly before putting away. Allow it to sit out on a towel to air dry if you believe there is a possibility that any water may have gotten into the air channel between the aluminum sheets.


According to WearEver, the manufacturer of AirBake cookie sheets, these cookie sheets are dishwasher safe. If you prefer to wash them in the dishwasher, make sure to first remove any debris clinging to the sheets with the rubber dish glove or plastic spatula. Then load into the dishwasher per your dishwasher’s instructions.

Use plastic spatulas when working with your AirBake cookie sheets to avoid scratching them. Even when you are careful, it is very easy to damage the finish on any cookie sheet when using a metal spatula.


Do not use harsh, abrasive scrubbing pads or cleaners on your AirBake cookie sheets. Both the natural and non-stick finishes can be compromised by these products. Nonstick finish can not only become ineffective, but small pieces of it can find their way into foods baked on the damaged cookie sheet.