How to Make a Car Sun Visor

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Things You'll Need

  • tape measure

  • cardboard

  • pencil or marker

  • utility knife

Cruising the roadways in the summer can be a relaxing pastime, but driving in the summer heat can come with some unpleasant side effects. Heat and sunlight can make the steering wheel and seats of an automobile unbearable to touch, and drivers find themselves burning when they first enter the car. Sun visors and sun shades protect a car's interior from the harmful and sizzling effects of the sun by blocking the light that comes in the windshield. While these tools are available from many convenience and automobile retailers, you can also create your own.


Step 1

Measure the height and width of your windshield from the inside of your car. Note the size of the windshield from its base to the area where the glass ends and the roof begins. This will be the appropriate size for your sun visor.

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Step 2

Measure the appropriate height and length of your windshield onto a large piece of cardboard. Draw a rectangular shape from the measurements to mimic your car's front windows.


Step 3

Cut out the cardboard windshield with a box cutter or utility knife. Sharp scissors might also work.

Step 4

Measure the size of the connection between the windshield and the rear view mirror installment. Cut out a small rectangle on one of the long ends of cardboard to allow for this part of your window.


Step 5

Lay the cardboard piece against the windshield. It should reach the base of the windshield and extend to where the window meets the roof. Fold down your car's installed visors to hold the new protective piece in place.


Cover the sun visor with decorations, newspaper, aluminum foil or other paper to hide the cardboard appearance of the sun visor.


A homemade sun visor might not work as effectively as professionally-made products, since other products include specially designed reflective materials.


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