How to Make a Batmobile Out of Cardboard

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The Batmobile is the car driven by Batman in comics, various animations and films. It is a sleek, black car, capable of very high speeds. Making your own Batmobile with only a cardboard box and a few arts and crafts supplies is a simple project that will keep children entertained both when making their new toy and when playing with the finished product.


Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Paper Plates

  • Craft Knife

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Cardboard Box

  • Paint

  • Colored Construction Paper

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Step 1

Find a cardboard box that is big enough for a child to sit in.

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Step 2

Place the box on the floor. Cut off the two longest flaps and one of the shorter flaps on the top of the box.

Step 3

Cut out a rectangle from the center of the remaining flap that is 3 inches smaller than the outside edge on each side. This will form the windshield of the Batmobile.


Step 4

Cut an "L" shape into each of the longer sides of the cardboard box. These flaps are the side doors.

Step 5

Lay newspaper over your work surface. Turn the cardboard box so that the bottom faces upward. Paint the outside of the cardboard box with black paint. Allow the box to dry.


Step 6

Paint the outer 3 inches of five paper plates black. Paint three lines that meet in the center on one of the plates. This plate will be the steering wheel. Paint the center of the remaining four plates in silver or grey. These will be the wheels. Allow the plates to dry.

Step 7

Glue two wheel plates onto each of the long sides of the cardboard box.


Step 8

Glue the steering wheel plate inside the front of the cardboard box. It should be glued below the cut-out windshield of the car.

Step 9

Cut two 5-inch circles from yellow construction paper and two 5-inch circles from red construction paper. You can adjust the size of these circles if necessary, but all four circles should be the same size.


Step 10

Glue the two yellow circles to the bottom front of the car, under the windshield. These are the headlights. Glue the red circles in a similar location at the back of the car. These are the brake lights.

Step 11

Print and cut out a Batman icon. Glue this icon to the front of the car to complete the cardboard Batmobile.



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