How to Get Rid of Fiberglass Resin Smell

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Things You'll Need

  • Box fan

  • Table

  • Extension cord

  • Electrical outlet

Removing the smell of fiberglass resin is easy but time-consuming

The odor left behind by fiberglass resin can be a problem in small enclosed areas such as vehicles. Car stereos often use fiberglass resin components during installation, leaving your car with an unpleasant smell that needs to be removed. Removing the smell requires little work on your part but will take several hours.


Step 1

Open the two front windows of the car.

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Step 2

Sit a box fan on a table or similar surface so it can sit against the outside of one window, blowing into the car.

Step 3

Plug the fan into a nearby electrical outlet, using an extension cord, if necessary.

Step 4

Turn the fan on a medium speed so air pushes through the vehicle and out the opposite window.

Step 5

Leave the fan on for four hours. If odor remains, allow the fan to run for several hours longer until the odor has dissipated. Four hours, however, is usally long enough to remove the odor in its entirety.


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