How to Use SmartStraps Tie-Downs

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Things You'll Need

  • SmartStraps ratchet tie-downs

  • Cargo

  • Trailer

SmartStraps ratchet tie-downs are used to secure loads to trailers. Their ratcheting device takes up the slack to apply pressure to whatever you are securing. These devices are commonly used by anyone who needs to move cargo around on an open trailer. They are relatively easy to use and reliable. Once secured they can hold anything in place from automobiles to washing machines.


Step 1

Position your load on your trailer. Ensure that your load is centered over the axle and that you have easy access to anchor points.

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Step 2

Position your SmartStraps tie-down over your load securing the end without your ratchet to an anchor point. Do not insert the strap through the ratchet yet.


Step 3

Insert the hook from the ratchet end into the loop of the anchor point. This will secure the ratchet end of the tie down strap to the trailer.

Step 4

Pull the strap tight and begin pumping the ratchet to apply pressure on the load. Continue pumping until strap is tight and load is secure.


Step 5

Inspect strap to ensure that load is secure and strap is tight. Once you are sure that the strap is tight, tie the tag end around the ratchet to ensure that it will not come loose when you are driving down the road.


For a load the size of a washing machine use two tie-downs.

Read the manufacturer's recommendations when determining what size tie-down you need.

Stop to inspect your load after driving a mile or two because loads will shift once your trailer begins moving.


Do not ratchet a fragile load too tightly, or you could cause damage. Instead, when securing a load that can easily be damaged, use more tie-downs.



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