How to Change a Flush Valve on a Toilet

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Things You'll Need

  • Pliers

  • Replacement flush valve

  • Sponge or towel

  • Bucket

Install a new flush valve to fix a leaky toilet and save money on your utility bill.

Worn flush valves cause toilets to leak water--gallons of it--creating noise and waste, and adding to your utility bill. Corrosion erodes a toilet's flush valve over time, opening the seal between the tank and toilet bowl, which allows water to escape from the tank continuously. While toilets come in various sizes and designs, basic toilet repair parts cover most toilet types. You can learn how to install a new toilet flush valve to fix a leaky toilet or perhaps even install an energy-efficient flush valve to save money.


Step 1

Turn off the toilet's water supply at the supply valve underneath the tank. Flush the toilet, then remove the top from the tank and use a sponge or towel and a bucket to remove the rest of the water from the tank.

Step 2

Remove the valve chain from the hole in the trip arm and lift the old flush valve over the overflow tube. Take the old valve with you to shop for a new one, to find the proper size. Buy a new flush valve with similar clips and flapper style as the old one.

Step 3

Clear the flush valve's seating inside the toilet tank of any corrosion to provide a good seal for the new flush valve; steel wool works well. Place the new flush valve level on the valve seat to ensure a tight seal. Snap the valve's clips over the overflow tube.


Step 4

Clip the new flush valve's chain in the trip arm's connection hole. Arrange the valve chain to secure the flapper's seal. If the new valve chain has excess links that interfere with the toilet's operation, trim the excess usingpliers.

Step 5

Turn the water back on. Water should fill the toilet and cover the flapper. Flush the toilet to test the new valve. When the bowl fills and the flapper seals tight, the tank will stop refilling.


Pour 1/2 cup bleach in the toilet's tank every few months to clean any buildup and prolong the new flush valve's use.


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