How to Keep a Rabbit Ears Costume From Flopping

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors or seam ripper

  • Wire coat hanger, or 2 coat hangers for tall ears

  • Wire cutters

  • Pliers

  • Electrical tape

  • Ribbon or fake fur

  • Extra-strength adhesive

Attach the wire and cover the headband to match the costume.

Some rabbit costumes, such as Bugs Bunny, require either ears that stand up without flopping or that bend partway and remain standing. However, it can be difficult to find commercial rabbit costumes with ears that stand up. Customize rabbit ears to keep them from flopping using the same kind of invisible tactic that theatrical costume makers use to keep ears standing up for singing and dancing animal characters. Employ basic household materials and tools to assure your rabbit ears stay perky for a long night of rabbit hi jinks.


Step 1

Set the rabbit ears on a table with a wire coat hanger, wire cutters, seam ripper or scissors, pliers, electrical tape and some ribbon or fake fur that matches the rabbit costume.

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Step 2

Open 1/4 inch of the rabbit ears' seams at the outside base of each ear (the bottom of the ear, near the head).


Step 3

Measure one rabbit ear from the base at the outside of the ear to the base at the inside of the ear, all the way around the outside of the ear.

Step 4

Cut the coat hanger to the desired length plus 1 inch at each end to attach to a headband.


Step 5

Insert the wire and push it into the ear. Bend the wire with both hands as you work it into the shape of the ear. Make the curve at the top of the ear, bending the wire downward to the base at the inside of the ear.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the second ear.


Step 7

Bend 1 inch of the end of each wire with pliers at a 90-degree angle horizontally at the base of the ears. Wrap electrical tape around the 1-inch wire ends and the headband at the base of each ear to secure the wire supports.

Step 8

Try on the rabbit ears. Adjust the ear positions by bending the wire carefully into the desired shape. Spread the ears wider apart, point the tips more, or fold the top of one ear down to individualize the rabbit ears for the costume.

Step 9

Glue ribbon or a strip of fake fur to the top surface of the headband to conceal the tape.


A seam ripper is a sewing tool available from a fabric store. It cuts out stitches and opens seams. Fabric stores carry ribbon and fake fur.


Keep extra-strength adhesive away from children. Allow the glue to dry for at least 20 minutes before wearing the rabbit ears costume.



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