Instructions for an 8-Foot Wedding Arch

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/2-inch diameter PVC pipe

  • Handsaw or pipecutter tool

  • 6 PVC T-joints

  • 2 flowerpots

  • Sand

  • Arch decorations

An archway adds a decorative touch to a wedding. Place the arch at the altar to frame the happy couple as they share their vows. Wedding arches must be wide enough and tall enough to accommodate both the wedding couple and the officiant. An 8-foot arch allows the bride and groom to walk and stand under the arch without disturbing it. While manufactured arches are available, they often are flimsy and expensive. PVC pipe is readily available and its white color blends with most decorating materials.


Step 1

Cut the PVC pipe into four 6-foot long lengths, four 5-foot long lengths and three 8-inch lengths. Use a handsaw or PVC pipecutting tool.

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Step 2

Insert one end of each 6-foot pipe into the arm of a PVC T-joint, so there is one joint on each pipe. Lay the pipes on the ground, separating them into two pairs.


Step 3

Slide an 8-inch pipe into the leg of the T-joints of each pair, connecting the two pipes in each pair together. The 8-inch pipes form the crossbars and add stability.

Step 4

Fill two large 12-inch diameter flowerpots with sand. The pots must support the entire arch, so heavy clay pots are preferable over plastic ones. Push a pair of 6-foot pipes into each pot, with the ends connected at the T-joints at the top of the pipes.


Step 5

Slide a 5-foot pipe into each remaining open arm on the T-joints attached to the 6-foot pipes. Set the pots 6 feet apart with the 8-inch crossbars parallel to each other.

Step 6

Bend each 5-foot pipe until the pipes meet each other to form the arch. Attach each pair of pipes with a T-joint. Insert the remaining 8-inch pipe into the legs of the T-joints to form a crossbar at the apex of the arch.


Step 7

Wrap tulle or flower garlands around the PVC pipe arch to disguise the pipes and decorate the wedding arch. Alternately, tape balloons to the pipes to make a balloon arch.


Cover the top of the sand with sphagnum moss, paper grass, flowers or fabric.

Weave white holiday lights around the arch frame.


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