How to Weave Paracord

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Things You'll Need

  • Paracord

  • Scissors

  • Lighter

Strong paracord makes for lightweight survival bracelets.

Paracord, also called parachute or 550 cord, features a strong, fibrous core surrounded by a woven nylon outer layer. Paracord comes in dozens of colors and designs, though its best feature is its strength. Bracelets made from paracord are not only fashionable, they offer security during hikes and camping trips. You can untangle your paracord bracelet to secure your shelter, suspend your food in a tree away from questing animals or use it as a fishing line. Plus, children can even weave paracord to make their own survival bracelets.


Step 1

Cut one length of paracord about two and a half times longer than you want your bracelet to be and a second length about six times longer than the desired length. To make a bracelet 6 inches long, cut an 18-inch piece and a 36-inch piece of paracord.

Step 2

Fold the shorter paracord length in half and pinch the ends together. Bend them down across the rest of the cord to make a loop. Push the ends through the loop and pull tight to create a granny knot. This creates a long loop of cord.


Step 3

Lay your cord loop on a flat surface with the knot closest to you. Slip the center of your other paracord length under the loop about ½ inch from the fold. Spread the long cord out to the right and left of your loop. The left cord is cord A and the right is cord B.

Step 4

Bring cord A under the center loop and over cord B. Bring cord B over the center loop and up through the loop created by cord A. Pull the cords tight to create a half knot. Continue making half knots down to the bottom of your center loop.


Step 5

Hold a lighter to the ends of your cord to melt the nylon slightly and prevent fraying. Wear your bracelet by folding it around your wrist and pushing the knot through the loop at the top.