How to Crochet Thigh High Socks

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Crochet hook

  • Scissors

  • Large eye blunt needle

Use a tall crochet stitch like this one on the body of the sock to make a textured, lacy crocheted sock.

If you can crochet in the round, you can make socks. Crocheted socks come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon your preference. Crochet thigh-high socks from the toe up so you can try them on as you go to ensure a proper fit. Add basic increases and decreases to change the width of the sock, and make a single crochet toe and heel for added support and durability. You will need a working understanding of crochet stitches and techniques in order to crochet thigh- high socks.


Step 1

Make a starting chain that is 1.5 inches long. Single crochet down the length of the chain, making two in the last chain. Turn and work back up the other side of the chain, making one single crochet in each chain and one in the first chain where you placed your initial single crochet.

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Step 2

Finish crocheting the toe. Chain one and make two single crochets in the same stitch as the turning chain, then make one single crochet around until you get to the opposite end; put two single crochets in the end stitch and one single crochet in each stitch back down the other side. Continue to work in the round in this manner, putting one single crochet in each stitch except at the stitches on either short end; put two single crochets in each of these stitches for every round. Stop increasing when the toe of the sock matches the circumference of the flat portion of your foot.


Step 3

Chain three, which counts as a double crochet. Make one double crochet in each single crochet around and join with a slip stitch; repeat this round until your sock measures the length of your foot up to the heel.

Step 4

Count the number of stitches that you have. On the next round, make one double crochet in each of the first half of the stitches, then make a chain that has an equal number of chain stitches as the double crochet stitches you have not yet worked. Attach the chain to your first double crochet of this round with a slip stitch.


Step 5

Make the body of the sock. Continue to work in double crochet stitches as you did in step three. Try on the sock every two to three rows to make sure it still fits. If your leg circumference increases, increase your sock by making two double crochet stitches in one, a few times in the next round, until it fits properly. Stop working when your sock is as tall as your thigh; make two rounds of single crochet stitches and fasten off.


Step 6

Attach your yarn at the heel opening you made in step four. Single crochet evenly around this opening; on each short end, single crochet two together. Continue to work in the round, making a decrease stitch on each short end, until you have fewer than six stitches on your hook. Fasten off, turn the sock inside out, and use a large eye blunt needle to whip stitch the hole closed. Now your heel is attached.

Step 7

Follow steps one through six to make a second sock, then weave in all loose ends using a large eye blunt needle.


To help your socks stay up, weave a length of ribbon through the highest row of double crochet stitches and tie in a bow while the sock is on your leg.


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