How to Crochet a Basic Dog Sweater

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Worsted-weight yarn in two colors

  • G hook

  • Scissors

  • Large-eye needle

  • Hook-and-loop tape

  • Sewing needle and thread

Tiny, short-haired dogs can benefit from a cozy, crocheted sweater.

In cold weather, small or short-haired dogs can get chilly. Keep your pup warm with a simple sweater that covers its back and wraps around its belly. Crochet a sweater in a simple style that can be adapted to different stitches, trims and multiple colors once you have mastered the basic design. To crochet a dog sweater, you should be familiar with chaining, double crochet and decreasing. Use a washable yarn to get the most use from your dog sweater.


Step 1

Measure around your dog's neck, around its center and down the length of its back from the base of the neck to the hindquarters with a measuring tape.

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Step 2

Work a chain that is long enough to fit around your dog's neck.

Step 3

Double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook and in each chain across. Chain two, turn your work and double crochet in each double crochet across. Continue making rows until you have eight rows of double crochet.

Step 4

Turn your work and slip stitch across 11 double crochets. Chain two and work double crochets until you are 11 stitches from the edge. Chain two. Turn your work and double crochet in each double crochet across. Work rows of double crochet until your T-shaped piece is as long as your dog's back.


Step 5

Cut off your yarn, leaving a 3-inch tail, and pull the end through your last stitch to finish. Thread the tail through your large-eye needle and weave the tail into your work.

Step 6

Cut off a length of yarn and thread it through your large-eye needle. Take your T-shaped piece, butt the short ends of the "T" together and sew together using a mattress stitch. Weave in the end of the yarn. This is the neck of the dog sweater.


Step 7

Pick up your trim yarn and join it to the edge of the sweater at any point on the upper side of the neck hole. Work a row of single crochet all the way around. Cut your yarn and weave in with your large-eye needle. Join your yarn to the bottom edge of the sweater and work a row of single crochet all the way around.


Step 8

Join the main color yarn to the sweater mid-way down the stem of the "T" on one side, just behind your dog's front legs. Work eight single crochets into the single crochet trim. Chain two. Turn and work single crochet rows until you have a strap that will reach all the way around your dog's midsection, plus 2 inches (add the strap's length to the width of the sweater.


Step 9

Sew one half of a hook-and-loop tape closure to the underside of the strap. Sew the other half of the closure to the face of the sweater opposite the strap to finish your basic dog sweater.


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