How to Make Indoor Artificial Trees

Things You'll Need

  • Tree pot

  • Foam block

  • Wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Pliers

  • Newspaper

  • Papier-mache

  • Scissors

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Hot glue

  • Artificial moss

  • Artificial foliage

  • Artificial fruit

Paint your trunk multiple browns like a real tree.

Indoor trees add a calming touch to any room. Artificial trees come with additional conveniences—you will never have to worry about plant maintenance; you'll never have to deal with pests. Creating an indoor artificial tree also gives you the freedom of displaying any kind of tree you choose. Indoor artificial trees often cost a fraction of a real tree, are fun to make, and will last forever.

The Trunk

Step 1

Choose what type of tree you want to create. Gather artificial foliage, flowers and fruit that will correspond with your tree. Also consider other additions, like fake birds.

Step 2

Decide how tall you want your indoor tree to be. Use pliers to cut at least eight pieces of wire to about a foot longer than the desired height. Stick these wires into the foam block base, in a circle, to create the width you want.

Step 3

Bend these wires into the shape of a tree you choose. Start curving the wires to create a spiral shape in the trunk. Separate two or three wires from this spiral to twist off and create a branch frame. More wires will produce more branches. Leave room for foliage.

Step 4

Cut strips of newspaper about 5 inches long and about 2 inches wide. Dip these in papier-mache. Wipe of the excess papier-mache and apply the strips to the wire frame. Wrap the strips around. Add two more layers. Wait for the paper to dry in between layers.

Step 5

Paint the papier-mache trunk the hue of brown your chosen tree is. Add highlights of different browns; real trees aren’t one consistent color. Leave it to dry.

Decorating the Tree

Step 1

Decorate your tree container if it needs it. Set your tree in the pot. To add height in a large pot, add rocks to the bottom. Cover the foam block and tree base with artificial moss.

Step 2

Apply the foliage. Glue individual leaves on tips of twigs and branches to create a more genuine look. Fill space between branches by hot-gluing strands at intermittent points, letting the foliage drape in between. Or you can use bush foliage if your tree style was available at the garden or craft store.

Step 3

Glue on any embellishments. Hide a few fruit and flowers in the thicker foliage. Keep most of the flowering to the outer perimeter of your indoor artificial tree.


Create a cool abstract tree with wire. Use the same base, but leave out the papier-mache and foliage. Add essentials like a wildlife creature or single blossom.