How to Build a Fake Tree With Cement

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Building a fake tree out of cement is an artistic endeavor limited only by your imagination. To build a fake tree you will need some basic supplies, a basic understanding of masonry and the ability to weld. The basics of building any cement tree are generally the same, but the specifics can vary depending on the scope of your project.


Things You'll Need

  • Stucco

  • Metal Rebars

  • Shale (Optional)

  • Welding Equipment

  • Chicken Wire

  • Masonry Cement

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Step 1

Design the basic concept of your tree, drawing out the desired dimensions and structure. This will be your blueprint. As you design your tree, keep in mind such factors as the location where you plan to build, the size of tree you're planning to build and the artistic or functional goals of your tree.

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Step 2

Build a metal framework to your specifications. Welding together metal rods, such as construction rebars, allows you artistic freedom to build your tree to your specific dimensions. If your tree is bigger than can be constructed outright, then start by simply building the base, or trunk, of your tree.


Step 3

Build a foundation capable of supporting the weight of your cement tree, if you are planning to build it indoors. If building your tree outdoors, dig a hole for the foundation at least 2 feet deep, place the base of your framework into the dug foundation and fill with masonry cement. The exact dimensions of your foundation will depend on the size of your tree.


Step 4

Use chicken wire to form a shell of the trunk and branches around the metal framework.

Step 5

Fill the wire with masonry cement. If the structure is too large to fill in one session, fill it in sections and let the sections dry before adding more.


Step 6

Apply stucco to the exterior of the cement, after the cement structure is dry, and apply pieces of broken shale around the tree to act as bark or leaves. Another approach is to create patterns in the stucco that are similar to the bark of a tree.