How to Use Rain-X on Clear Shower Doors

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Things You'll Need

  • Rain-X

  • Cloth

Help keep your shower door clean by applying Rain-X.

Water spots and soap scum build up quickly on a glass, shower door. To make shower doors easy to clean, some homeowners apply Rain-X, which allows water to slide off the door. Doing so can save you time cleaning shower doors.


Step 1

Clean your shower door thoroughly. The shower door must be completely clean for the Rain-X to work.

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Step 2

Use the cloth and thoroughly dry the shower door.

Step 3

Apply the first coat of Rain-X, by spraying the Rain-X on the inside of your shower door, and using the cloth to create a thin coat. Overlap each stroke a bit to guarantee you don't miss a spot on the door. The Rain-X creates a haze on your shower door. Let the first coat dry.


Step 4

Apply the second coat. Allow the second coat to dry completely. The second coat creates even coverage on your door, and if you accidentally missed a spot, the second coat will cover it.

Step 5

Use a dry cloth, and rub the haze on the shower door away. You can add a little water to help get the haze off the door.


Some shower door coatings can be damaged by Rain-X. Check the instructions before applying this product to your shower door.


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