Instructions for Sewing a Chair Organizer & Remote Control Caddy

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine, heavy duty, with sharp denim needle

  • 1 cloth rectangle, size 1 yard by 13 inches

  • 1 cloth rectangle, size 13 inches by 11 inches

  • Straight pins

  • 1 strip 1/2-inch wide hook and loop tape, 10 inches long, hook side only

There is no need to have a cluttered end table when you have an over-arm chair organizer.

Sewing a chair organizer and remote control caddy that drapes over the arm of your sofa or chair is a money-saving way to tidy up your recreation area. Look for durable, washable fabric in a color that complements your furniture. Using washable fabric makes it easy to clean the organizer when needed. If you have a hard time finding heavy washable fabric you like, a bath towel will also work for this sewn organizer project.


Step 1

Look at the sewing machine settings, and make sure the machine is set on either a zigzag or blanket-style finishing stitch. Sew all the way around each rectangle. This finishes the raw edges and reduces fraying.

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Step 2

Pick up the smaller rectangle, and fold the 13-inch top edge under 1/2 inch. Set the sewing machine to a straight stitch and sew across the folded edge, top-stitching 3/8 inch from the edge.


Step 3

Spread the large rectangle out, right side up on the table, then position the smaller rectangle right side up on top of the large rectangle. Line up the raw edges and secure the raw edges of the rectangles together. The small rectangle will look like a small pocket at the bottom of the large rectangle.


Step 4

Baste the edges of the small rectangle to the large rectangle, using a long, straight sewing machine stitch. Remove the straight pins.

Step 5

Fold all four corners under one inch and secure with straight pins. Fold each of the four straight edges under 1/2-inch. Sew all the way around the four folded edges making a 3/8-inch seam allowance.


Step 6

Place the remote horizontally in the pocket, so it sticks out the top. Pin the pocket one inch from the remote, and make sure the remote can be easily removed from the pocket. Remove the remote, and sew a vertical line over the pins marking the line. Sew slowly and remove the pins as you go.


Step 7

Line up the hook tape along the finished edge of the fold, on the wrong side of the large rectangle, with the hooks pointing outward. Sew all the way around the hook tape, 1/8 inch from the edge.


You will not need to attach the loop portion to the furniture as long as the upholstery is made of fabric.

If the upholstery is leather or vinyl, you will need to use adhesive to attach the loop side to the furniture.

Drape the organizer over the edge of the furniture with the top edge of the pocket hanging just below the outer edge of the furniture arm. Tuck the large rectangle into the edge of the cushions, and let the hook tape attach to the upholstery fabric. The cushion and hook tape will work together to keep your organizer in place.


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