How to Make a Five Point Star With Your Hands

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The only tools you need are your hands.

This is a cool hand gesture of a five-point star you can show to your friends anytime you're together.


Pointer Fingers

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Step 1

Join both of your index fingers (also called pointer fingers) together at the tip. Point them up.

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Step 2

Join both of your thumbs together at the tips as well, but put one thumb over the other. Point them up toward your index fingers. There should be only a little space between your thumbs and the insides of your hands.

Step 3

Fold both of your middle fingers down into small triangles so that they stick up from behind your index fingers.


If the star doesn't look exactly right, try positioning your fingers a little tighter together (or farther apart).


This isn't meant to be a "gang sign/symbol;" it's just meant to be a fun little star sign.


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