How to Remove Stains From a Marble Countertop

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels

  • Ammonia

  • Paper napkins

  • Powdered chalk

  • Plastic wrap

  • Plastic scraper

  • Sponge

  • Clean towel

Marble countertops add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Marble countertops add to both the appearance and functionality of your kitchen due to the strength and beauty of the natural stone. When stains end up on your marble countertop, if left unattended, they can sink down into the pores of the marble. Cleaning marble countertops and removing stains must be done with care so the marble surface isn't scratched or damaged. The key to successfully removing stains from your marble countertop is to draw them out.


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Step 1

Lay paper towels over the site of the stain on your marble countertop. Allow the paper towels to wick up the stain without rubbing and wiping it. Change to a fresh layer of paper towels, as needed, and continue to wick up the stain liquid until there's no further transfer of stain liquid to the paper towels.

Step 2

Draw out the stain from your marble countertop using a poultice. Place three to four white paper napkins on top of one another, then wet them with undiluted ammonia so they're wet but not dripping. Sprinkle white powdered chalk over the entire top of the napkin in a layer about a half-inch thick.


Step 3

Drizzle more ammonia over the powdered chalk until the chalk has the consistency of very thick peanut butter.

Step 4

The poultice needs time to draw the stain out of the marble surface.

Place the poultice directly onto the stain on your marble countertop with the chalk side down. Cover the poultice with one layer of plastic wrap to keep the poultice from drying out as it sits on the stain. Leave the poultice in place on the stain for up to 48 hours.


Step 5

Assess the stain-removal process after three hours by lifting the corner of the poultice to see if the stain has lifted. Leave the poultice in place, if needed, and continue to check the progress every two hours.

Step 6

Sponges are gentle enough to use on marble countertops.

Lift the poultice off the marble countertop using a plastic scraper. Discard the poultice materials, then wipe down your marble countertop with a clean, damp sponge. Follow by drying the marble with a towel.


Substitute 20 percent peroxide for your poultice liquid and diatomaceous earth for your poultice powder, if needed.


Use white napkins and poultice materials so you don't transfer any pigment from your poultice materials to your marble countertop.