How to Make Simple Spy Stuff

Authentic super-secret spy gear is expensive and hard to come by. However, you can use simple spy secrets to make spy stuff at home. Help your kids compile a spy kit for play, or make one for yourself, as part of a costume. Use the spy gear to solve a secret mystery, or just for fun.

A spy needs super-secret equipment and techniques to solve mysteries and discover secrets.

Things You'll Need

  • Starch powder

  • 2 porcelain dishes

  • Candle

  • Knife

  • Clear tape

  • Hardcover book

  • X-acto knife or box cutter

  • Toothpick or feather

  • Lemon juice

  • Hair dryer

Fingerprint Powder

Step 1

Put a sprinkle of starch powder onto a porcelain dish.

Step 2

Hold a second, heat-safe porcelain dish over a candle flame. Allow the soot from the flame to collect on the dish.

Step 3

Scrape the soot off the dish with a knife and mix it with the starch powder to create fingerprint powder.

Step 4

Dust the powder over fingerprints to reveal them.

Step 5

Cover the dusted fingerprint with clear tape and lift it up gently to remove the print.

Book Safe

Step 1

Find a book with a hard cover that you don’t mind cutting up.

Step 2

Pick a page near the front of the book, but not directly at the front, to open the book to.

Step 3

Use an X-acto knife or a box cutter to begin cutting the pages after the page you turned to. Begin on the right-hand page and cut a square out from the interior about 1 inch from each edge of the page.

Step 4

Continue cutting down through the pages until your hole is deep enough. Do not go all the way through to the end of the book.

Step 5

Store items in the empty space you cut out.

Invisible Ink

Step 1

Use a toothpick or the pointy end of a feather as your pen, and lemon juice as your ink.

Step 2

Write out your message in the lemon juice. When the juice dries, your message will be invisible.

Step 3

Reveal the message by holding a hair dryer over it or holding the area over a candle flame. Make sure to keep the paper far enough from the flame so it is heated, but not burned.