How to Soften Acrylic Yarn

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Things You'll Need

  • Dish washing soap

  • Water

  • Sink

  • Wax paper

  • Watch

Acrylic yarn may be cheaper than the other yarns available or might be the only type of yarn that is in stock in the color you prefer. One of the drawbacks of acrylic yarn is that it is harder than many other yarn types. You will find it is more difficult to use a harder yarn when crocheting, knitting or completing other craft projects. However, you don't need to toss out that acrylic yarn. It's fairly easy to soften acrylic yarn at home.


Step 1

Unroll the acrylic yarn completely into a loose pile. When unrolling, go slow to ensure that the yarn does not get tangled.

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Step 2

Fill a sink with warm water and 10 to 15 drops of liquid dish washing soap.


Step 3

Place the yarn into the water and soap mixture in the sink.

Step 4

Gently push down on the acrylic yarn every 15 minutes to submerge it under the water.

Step 5

Lay wax paper onto a flat surface such as a table.


Step 6

Remove the yarn from the sink after one hour and squeeze the yarn to remove excess water.

Step 7

Put the yarn onto the wax paper and spread it out so none of the pieces of the yarn are touching each other.

Step 8

Leave the yarn on the wax paper and let dry.


If you do not want to soak the yarn in the sink, you can let the yarn soak in a washing machine or a bathtub.


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