How to Remove In-Ground Pool Skimmer Plugs

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Ready your swimming pool for the summer season by unplugging your skimmers.

Swimming pools are often closed during the winter. Closing a pool prevents the equipment from weather damage. Part of the closing process for an in-ground pool involves plugging the pool plumbing by inserting plugs into the skimmer hole. The skimmer is an opening on the pool wall through which water is pulled to the filter for cleaning. Skimmer plugs are either pushed into place or screwed in and are easily removed. Removing skimmer plugs is part of the opening process that readies a pool for the summer.


Step 1

Remove any debris or equipment from the area around the skimmer. Ensuring the area is clear prevents debris or other objects from falling into the pool lines.

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Step 2

Unscrew the skimmer plugs from the skimmer hole. Most skimmer plugs have a small handle on the top of the plug that loosens it.

Step 3

Pull the plug out of the skimmer hole. Some plugs are difficult to dislodge from the skimmer hole by design, so use of force may be necessary.


Use a pair of pliers to help you pull the plug out of the skimmer if the plug is too small or large to grip effectively by hand.

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