How to Make Play-Doh People

Things You'll Need

  • Play-Doh

  • Plastic knife

  • Foam plate

Make your Play-Doh people out of a variety of colors.

Play-Doh and other compound clays engage your senses in the learning process by touching, feeling and shaping dough into shapes, often people. Play-Doh comes in a variety of colors that allows kids and grown-ups to create shapes easily. Whether using compound dough in a classroom setting or during free time at home, making dough people will allow you to illustrate life through a creative art form. After you master the basics, mix and match dough people in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Divide a standard cup of dough in half. Use a plastic knife to divide the dough.

Step 2

Roll half of the dough into an oval shape. The bottom of the oval shape should be flat so that it stands up easily.

Step 3

Divide the remaining half of the dough again using a plastic knife. Make two small shoe-shaped ovals with the two pieces.

Step 4

Place them on a foam plate. Set the larger shape on top of the two shoe-shaped ovals.

Step 5

Remove another clay dough shape from a new can. Cut the dough into four equal pieces. Roll a piece into a ball by rolling it in on a flat surface. This will be the head.

Step 6

Separate three tiny pieces of dough and shape them into small circles. These will be the eyes and nose. Separate one tiny piece of dough and make a small snake shape. This is the mouth. Place it on the face.

Step 7

Use two small pieces of dough to make arms. Roll up the arms into small cigar shapes. Gently push them onto the body of the dough person.

Step 8

Flatten a thin strip of dough. Wrap it around the lower waist of your dough person. This will be the belt of the shirt or dress. Make tiny buttons to add to the dough man or woman's garment.