How to Install a G8 Base Halogen Replacement Bulb

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Things You'll Need

  • Gloves

  • Replacement G8 bulb

A G8 base halogen bulb uses two large pins to connect to its socket instead of a traditional "screw-in" pin. A variety of common items use G8 base bulbs, including such small appliances as microwaves and such items as specialty light fixtures. The process of installing a G8 base bulb is the same regardless of the application; however, the procedure to access the bulb mount may vary slightly.


Step 1

Inspect the appliance or light fixture to determine whether you'll need any tools to remove the bulb access panel. Gather the appropriate tools as necessary.

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Step 2

Unplug and power off the appliance. If you are replacing the bulb in a light fixture, be sure to turn off the light switch. Remove the access panel to the burnt-out G8 bulb.


Step 3

Remove the old bulb by grasping it and gently pulling it straight out. Do not twist or turn the G8 bulb; its pins simply slide in and out.

Step 4

Put on clean gloves or wrap the new G8 bulb in a paper towel or napkin. It's important not to touch halogen bulbs--this may damage them.

Step 5

Insert the new G8 bulb straight into the mount. Replace the access panel. Power the appliance or device back on.


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